Parts of Your Tankless Water Heater

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water heater services in Wilton, CT

JNR Plumbing has been serving the plumbing needs of the Wilton, CT, and surrounding areas for years. We pride ourselves on our 5-star service. If you need a plumber in Wilton, CT, we’re confident that we’re right for the job.

Tankless water heaters are very popular and they can be very cost-effective. If you're considering a tankless water heater in Wilton, CT, then the following information may be helpful. Rather than store gallons of water at a pre-set temperature when it's not needed, a tankless provides hot water on demand, so they have more electronic components than a traditional water heater. The tankless system works as follows:

  • Faucet: When the hot water faucet is turned on, water begins to flow through the unit.
  • Sensors: When water starts to flow, the sensor activates the heating process.
  • Internal computer: This ascertains the temperature of the cold water, ignites the burners to heat the water, and releases the water when the designated temperature is reached.
  • Heat exchanger: Cold water circulates in and around the heat exchanger until the designated temperature is achieved and the computer releases the hot water.

Your tankless water heater in Wilton, CT can provide tremendous savings in both water and electricity or gas.

If you need water heater services in Wilton, CT, let JNR Plumbing help. We're COVID19-safe and we provide senior discounts. All of our technicians are bonded and licensed and we guarantee their work. We'll also send you a picture of your technician, so you'll feel safe letting them into your home.

If you need water heater repair in Wilton, CT, then call and let us show you how a tankless can save you money and increase your comfort. No more waiting forever for the water to heat in the morning, no more running out of hot water, and no more wasted water.

If you need water heater replacement in Wilton, CT, then consider a new tankless water heater. Don't wait until your old tank heater bursts and floods your house. Be proactive and get a new tankless unit installed.

Whether you need repairs or a water heater installation in Wilton, CT, we can help. We're one of the best in the area and we guarantee all of our work, so call JNR Plumbing today! We look forward to working with you.

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