Why Are My Drains Making Gurgling Sounds

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Why Are My Drains Making Gurgling Sounds

When you hear a gurgling noise whenever you use your drain, it means that there is an underlying issue with your plumbing system.. Fortunately, this issue is often minor and can be resolved with professional drain cleaning in Westport, CT. If you’re wondering about what’s causing the strange noises in your drains, JNR Plumbing shares the most common reasons below:

Blocked drain

A gurgling noise within your plumbing systems might be an indication of a clogged drain as this blockage releases air bubbles into the water above it. While this may seem like a simple issue, we advise against dislodging the clog yourself. A DIY approach can damage the interior of your pipes and even cause you harm.

Rather than waste time and effort unclogging your drain, contact your local plumbing company for professional drain snaking. 

Blocked drain vents

Drain vents are created to avoid sewer gas build-up inside the sewer line and drain pipes. With these drain vents being located at the top of your house, they can be blocked by debris or bird nests, which means that the sewer gas has to find its way outside using the drain’s p-trap.This ends up creating a gurgling noise. However, you shouldn’t attempt unblocking drain vents on your own. Instead, you’re better off contacting a drain cleaning company for the job.

Blocked sewer lines

Sewer lines usually block from obstructions such as bathroom products, broken pipes, or tree roots and could end up causing major problems in your home. To take care of this problem, you’ll need to hire a plumber in Westport, CT, to inspect your sewer line and get rid of these obstructions.

If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning services, contact the team at JNR Plumbing today. We have years of experience in dealing with various drain problems and can provide you with lasting solutions. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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